Anxiety and Trauma

Chronic anxiety--whether its cause is a traumatic event, a constitutional imbalance, or a difficult life transition--is as disruptive to your health as any disease process. It keeps you from fully inhabiting your life, it colors all of your joyful experiences and loving relationships with doubt, and it interferes with your ability to rest deeply. 

Anxiety is not, however, a character flaw. Post-traumatic stress disorder is not a personality weakness. They are challenges to your health, in the same way that diabetes or sciatic pain are challenges to your health. And just like any challenge to your health, anxiety and PTSD can be managed with the right treatment. 

Lorelle has specialized in anxiety disorders for her entire career. Along with acupuncture treatments focused on calming the nervous system, a session with Lorelle includes a detailed consult in which you'll receive dietary therapy suggestions and other lifestyle recommendations. With Lorelle's expert and accessible support, you'll be empowered to actively address your emotional health on a day-to-day basis.