(Choosing the right healthcare provider can be challenging, and acupuncture might feel mysterious or even a little bit scary. Here are some thoughts from patients of the Saxena Clinic--we hope they're helpful to you as you continue on your path to your best health.) 


“I truly believe that it’s because of acupuncture with you that I am not taking the seven medications that my doctor prescribed.”

— Jeffrey Liggett, Santa Rosa

“My heart specialist was amazed at the drop of my blood pressure (over 40 mm) and said that there’s no need for the medication now. I appreciate what you did and your concern. The treatments helped me in many ways and I credit you for a huge part of my success.”

— Don Elsbree, Healdsburg

“Wonderful, attentive, thoughtful practitioner -great for a “first-timer” who now plans on being a regular.”

— Emily Hostutler, Santa Rosa

“I don’t feel any more like I’m all twisted up at my core...It felt so good to talk to someone who just immediately ‘got’ me.”

— Shannon Magner, Santa Rosa

“This is the first day I’ve had completely free of leg pain in two years.”

— Nick Fusco, Santa Rosa, the day after his fourth acupuncture session

“(You) definitely need to see Lorelle. She is kind, knowledgeable and thorough. Acupuncture has helped me with numerous nagging ailments of perimenopause as well has aided in my recovery from rigorous work outs. Lorelle provided key treatments going into the Napa Valley Full Marathon which enabled me to earn my Boston Qualifying time. Thanks Lorelle!”

— Marie Maiolo Muchow, Santa Rosa

“Lorelle is a fabulous acupuncturist! She is very intelligent and asks great questions before she begins treatment. She makes the entire experience about YOU. A true professional.”

— Bret Menze, Santa Rosa

“Awesome service. She cares about how you are feeling and spends time listening. Needles do not hurt and the atmosphere is very relaxing. She talks about acupuncture, herbs, and western medicine.”

— Tim Mayclin, Rohnert Park

"I’ve seen [Lorelle] about five times now over the course of a month and a half and have only had one migraine since starting with her. I consider going from two headaches a week to one a month a small victory, don’t you?"                                                      

--excerpted from “my journey to eastern medicine,” by Jenna Weber, author of Eat Live Run, Santa Rosa. Click here to read the full post about Jenna’s experience with migraines and acupuncture at the Saxena Clinic.

“I avoided acupuncture because I am very afraid of needles and also thought that acupuncture would be painful. When I was treated by Lorelle, I had a very pleasant experience, and I didn’t think about the needles because I never felt them! Now all I have to do is just relax and enjoy…”

— Gale Peck, Santa Rosa

“Lorelle is amazing. So thorough and not phased by my long list of body complaints. She also seems to enjoy educating me and sharing detailed information about acupuncture. As a wellness provider myself, I appreciate this greatly. I always leave feeling enlightened, energized and well cared for.”

— Laura O'Neal, Santa Rosa

“I have been going regularly to [the] Saxena Clinic for over a year now. I had been skeptical of the benefits of acupuncture because it can’t be easily explained as opposed to traditional Western medicine, which seems to be based upon the precept of combating ailments, usually with drugs, after they occur, rather than prevention through maintenance of a healthy body. I originally started out of curiosity with the community treatment involving five needles in each ear. The results were amazing, almost as though I were on some sort of natural high. I then graduated to hour-long treatments. Lorelle conducts a complete medical history interview and will tailor her treatments to address a variety of physical and emotional ailments that her patients may want to address. She also respects Western medicine and I appreciate her extensive professional knowledge and experience.

About 16 months ago I had a bad mountain biking accident and had little success over the following couple of months in going to physical therapists recommended by my HMO. After a month or so of following a regimen prescribed by Lorelle that was based around acupuncture treatments, I underwent a marked improvement, and credit her treatments with my rapid healing. I typically have her treat me for optimization of my immune system and can attest to not having a bout of cold or flu in over a year. After a session, I feel ‘centered.’ I highly recommend both the practice and the practitioner.”

— Paul Rowan, Santa Rosa

“Lorelle is a gifted and sensitive acupuncturist. I’ve been to many acupuncturists, and I appreciate the sensitivity and care that she provides. Lorelle always takes the time to find out what’s going on emotionally and personally before doing a treatment. As a therapist and energy healer, it is vital that I keep my own energy and emotional well-being balanced and clear, and I always feel well cared for when I see Lorelle.”

— Benjamin Schwarcz, Santa Rosa

“Lorelle provides such quality service with a warm and friendly atmosphere; plus she really helped soothe and massage my shoulder injury. I recommend her highly!”

— Ms. Kitty MaulHER #9 (Monique Evans) Resurrection Roller Derby

“Lorelle at the Saxena Clinic is wonderful! She is very professional and her clinic setting is very peaceful - a great environment for relaxing. During my private visit she gave me personalized attention and really tried to assess my overall health so that she could give me the best treatment suited to my needs. I came to her with a such a stiff neck that I couldn’t even turn it without stabbing pain. When I left I felt very relaxed, and was back to 100% within a couple days. I’ve also participated in her community clinics where she treats you at the same time as a few other people. She puts these 5 little tiny needles in your ear and they have amazing effects! I left feeling happy, relaxed, and even slept better for a few days. I’ve gone to three appointments so far and will be going back soon! Definitely a great overall experience.”

— Angie Robinson, Santa Rosa

“Acupuncture with Lorelle puts the pain in my neck and shoulders that I’ve had ever since my spine was fused into the background. Before acupuncture that pain completely limited my mobility. With the addition of the acupressure that Lorelle does as part of my session I am closer to pain free than I’ve ever been.”

— Bill, Santa Rosa

“I think you are a true healer who cares deeply about your patients. You spent an incredible amount of time getting to know me and my lifestyle so that you could better help me heal. I love how you read my pulse each visit before a treatment! At a recent visit, I was definitely coming down with something when I came in, but by the time I left your office I was already on the mend so I never actually got sick!”

— Amie Breeze, Rohnert Park

“I am an athlete who first came to the Saxena Clinic with severe sciatic pain that made it difficult to walk, much less play sports. Eight sessions later, the sciatica is pretty much gone, I am able to walk without pain, and I plan to return to playing softball within a couple of months.”

— Randall Stuart, Santa Rosa

“Lorelle Saxena’s innate ability to cut to the heart of my obstacles during verbal consultation was exceeded only by her brilliant use of acupuncture principals once I was on her table. She is gentle, open, honest, and intuitive. This was my first experience with the art and I was comfortable, my needs were addressed, and I left feeling truly heard and respected. A must for anyone looking to gain a foothold in a new and more healthy life! Thanks again, Lorelle!”

— Zane Wheeler, Santa Rosa

“I had such a beautiful experience and highly recommend The Saxena Clinic! Lorelle made me feel so welcome and relaxed. She was extremely thorough with understanding my health history and once we began the acupuncture, I knew I was in good hands. She is gentle and communicative allowing me to express any anxiety I had. The environment is very zen yet professional. I left feeling balanced, calm and thrilled with my experience. I will definitely return!”

— Rebekah Green, Santa Rosa

“I don’t care if you’re even a skeptic about the benefits of acupuncture. From the moment you step into Lorelle’s airy, friendly, plant-abundant office, you feel calmer. My shoulders stop laying siege to my ears. My heartbeat slows down a thump or two. How often do you go to the doctor and really feel heard and seen? That’s what happens here. Caring attention, great communication, and intuitive, gentle practice. Get you some.”

— Anne Convery, Santa Rosa

“Not only does Lorelle Saxena treat patients from a high level of skill, knowledge, and professionalism, but also from a solid foundation of empathy and kindness. Her treatments always begin with a very thorough assessment and conversation where she really listens and asks all the right questions to be able to tailor just the right treatment for each individual. Her office is clean and calm and a pleasure to visit. Lorelle gives and cares so much for her community, and does amazing work in this world. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

— Ursa Born, Santa Rosa

“I started going to Saxena Clinic a few months ago to get treatment for anxiety-related issues. Lorelle is a wonderful, experienced, and empathetic acupuncturist. I was nervous about the needles, especially the first few times, but she always made me feel comfortable and safe. The treatments themselves have been life-changing in alleviating my anxiety symptoms. I can't recommend Saxena Clinic enough!”

— Leilani Clark, Santa Rosa