Ridiculously fun beans

Kamal bringing the beans he picked to Daddy to cook

Red noodle beans, also called yard-long beans, are seen in many Asian cuisines, but they're pretty unusual in the United States. 

Healthy and happy bean plant

They're beautiful, though, and as easy to grow as any other bean. More importantly, they're delicious. 

Even more importantly, they're ridiculously fun. You can kind of make a lasso out of them! 

They have an impressive nutritional profile--primarily in their vitamin C and magnesium content--but, I mean, can't you tell just by looking at them that they're full of good-for-you stuff?

They are actually this color, like, in real life. 

My favorite way to cook them is to cut them into 1-inch lengths and sauté them quickly in a very hot pan with a little bit of garlic. 

They lose some of their pretty color when cooked, but they're still tasty: earthy, a little sweet, with a crisp-tender texture. 

Adam served these over rice, alongside some hanger steak and his fantastic kimchi. 

If you're interested in growing these beautiful legumes, you can buy seeds at the Kitazawa Seed Company or at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.