[what I had for breakfast today: jasmine rice, an egg scrambled with beet greens, sriracha, nutritional yeast]

We visited with good friends this morning, on this sunny Valentine's Day that feels like spring. 

The daffodils are sure it's spring.

Later we planted our EarthBoxes with mustard seedlings that I'd started from seed months ago. I realized the mustard leaves looked a lot like the leaves on the echinachea seedlings I'd been painstakingly transplanting into bushel baskets and nursery planters all winter. Ruh-roh. 

A Google image search revealed that the bushel baskets and nursery planters were, indeed, full of mustard greens. I must have mislabeled a planter or somehow mistaken one pile of beigeish teeny-tiny seeds for another pile of beigeish teeny-tiny seeds.

It's not a catastrophe. I love mustard greens, especially lactofermented, the way Adam preserves them. But I feel pretty silly. 

You're not who I thought you were.