One kind of first step

[what i had for breakfast today: rice and a fresh egg cooked in homemade chicken stock]

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I think we all secretly hope, when we meet a new healthcare practitioner or spiritual leader or life coach or whatever, that that person will be the person who will take us in, look us over and say: "Oh, look. I see you. You are a good person. You have good intentions, you are trying, and sometimes you fall short, but that's understandable because you're human, because you have your own specific wounds, and because sometimes you're just tired. It's okay. You are a chosen, golden, beautiful person, with gifts that only you have, many of which you haven't begun to realize. Whether or not you reach your fullest potential, regardless of your shortcomings and regrets, I see without a doubt that you are extraordinary."

So here's the thing. You can just be that person for yourself. Tell yourself. You know it's the truth.


Remember: everyone is fragile. You are, too. Be gentle with yourself.