When ethical fashion goes to a party

I found this dress at a thrift store a few weeks ago, made by a retailer that is widely known for its unethical practices. Because of these practices, I wouldn't buy one of their pieces new, but buying it at the thrift store meant that my purchase dollars went to a charity in my community instead of to line of the pockets of the retailer's executives--so it felt like a small, good victory.

These boots came from a local neighborhood block sale this weekend--they're purple platform boots. I love them and they make me really tall! And last year, I hosted a clothing swap at my house and one of my favorite finds there were these silver drop earrings.  

All together, this outfit cost me a grand total of $7--and keeping it all secondhand meant that these pieces stayed out of the landfill and didn't consume additional resources to make. And every one of those seven dollars stayed in my local community. Even small purchases make a difference when you're choosing them intentionally and with other people in mind. 

So, your question for the week: What can you buy--or not buy--that'll change the world for the better?