What's doing in the garden today

[What I had for breakfast today: lamb curry congee with sautéed collards, fermented sriracha and a scrambled egg.] 

 Back in June, Kamal planted the seeds for the pumpkin patch he wanted. 

Here's that pumpkin patch (along with some melon and squash plants) today. 

Adam built these neat house-shaped trellises for the happy tomato plants to climb. They make nice shady seating areas (and awesome hide-and-seek territory) . 

These sunflowers! 

The pomegranate tree working overtime and ahead of schedule:

Purple tree collards (same ones I ate for breakfast!) and bright borage:

The nasturtiums are recovered enough from Toby napping on them to resume growing up through this ladder. 

Two kinds of very orderly beets in the foreground; monster boysenberry bramble and giant chartreuse mustard greens in the background. 

Oh, and yeah. So many tomatoes. 


And peppers! So many peppers.

Oh, and holler at us if you need a little rosemary. 

Or bay leaves. 

There's cucumbers and bittermelon and kale and basil and a whole bunch of other stuff I didn't get photos of today. This is a great time of year in the garden!